Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dish Network (No Mac content)

I should start off with a comment about a problem I have been unable to find an answer to: Dish Network chopping off the left and right sides of network programming. Before two months ago, most programs were sent out by the networks and broadcast in 16x9 wide-screen format. On conventional TVs, that would result in letterboxing - black bars at the top and bottom. Those with wide-screen TVs could zoom the picture to fill their screen. When viewing a normal 4x3 picture, they could zoom out so the pic would fill top to bottom and black bars would appear on the sides. All was fine and good.

The local stations are still broadcasting this way, but Dish users with normal (not HD) tuners are finding the picture cropped, obviously so, because credits, ad bugs and the like are cut off. So far, no one at Dish has been able or willing to explain why they started doing this and when they will go back to normal. I can't even verify if it's an Oregon phenomenon or national. The satellite/cable channels do not have this problem; if sent in 16x9 we see them in 16x9.

I'd love both an answer and a verification that this is happening to people around the country, and also if it is affecting DirectTV customers as well.

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loux2275 said...

I have the same problem on my 32" television, but not my 60" obviously. I love the way DISH does their updates through the satelite at night when we are sleeping. I have often awakened in the middle of the night, when the bedroom is aglow with their green l.e.d. light and the hard disk is spinning. Good luck if you haven't protected your recorded shows, as I have cried over those I've lost. I would love to know what their answer is to the cropping. Bugs the heck out of me when I can't see the print and I really want to.vintageclothing05